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Laptop Refurbishing Service




Computers Plus has been a full-scale laptop refurbishing center for over a decade.  Sometimes that older laptop that you have is all that you need.  

SHIPPING/RECEIVING: $29.95 gets you pickup and delivery, across Canada. Simply box up your laptop, take it to any post office, provide them with a transaction ID that you will receive from us and the charges are billed to Computer Plus.  When we receive your laptop, we will quickly/efficiently refurnish your laptop and then return the laptop to you, via Canada Post.

WARRANTY: Basic 90 Day Warranty is included on all laptops. The warranty covers hardware issues only and excludes problems caused by abuse or tampering with, changing or upgrading components. Warranty does not cover any software issues such as malware or viruses, deleted files or changes to the configuration. In the event that you get a virus or malware or even damage the laptop, you can return the laptop to us to be fixed for a minimal charge plus shipping. We are here to help!